Charles Baguette & the "baguette Gérard Depardieu"

First name: Charles. 

Family name: Baguette. 

Lives in: Paris. 

Distinguishing feature: Adore le... pain! 

A day without bread it's like Lakers without Kobe or sea without salt!

Here are some sequences of the coming week-end of our favorite bread addict!

  • Friday

    After a busy week of work I have only one wish: to clear my mind. I leave the office at 11am! There is no desire to be dragged into the middle of a bunch of paperwork. I head towards la rue de Ponthieu for l'Atelier des Pains whose elegant boutique reminds us that it’s located in the heart of Paris’ Triangle d'Or. Chocolate bread ? Swallowed in less than a minute. Smooth. Pleasant. Light. A chocolate tart? Fondant. Captivating. Intense. I find Jacky at the Champs-Elysées round-about. Do you know Jacky? He was my philosophy teacher while I was in terminal L. "So Charlie, what's new since the last time we saw each other? You re-read Plato's Gorgias, yet?" I don’t know what he’s talking about so I change the topic to classical music, his other passion. We dive into "conceptual apnea" around the work of Richard Wagner for a few minutes. Eventually, we find ourselves in front of the Grand Palace. We go up the stairs leading to the auditorium where films are projected in connection with the exhibitions on display. Within the framework of the "unexpected Picasso cycle", we experience Le Regard Picasso, in which the director Nelly Kaplan has tried to "give a 52 minutes overview of the most varied and most confusing works of the twentieth century".

  • Saturday

    The sky is clear, a few sun rays illuminate the city and I am lying comfortably on the stage of the Maison de la Poésie. At my side a dense crowd is ready to begin an acoustic and literary nap, a moment of total peace where the audience, comfortably seated on cushions scattered on the theater stage, closes its eyes and listens to the captivating voices of singers, writers and musicians. At the end of this haunting experience, I go  settle myself on the terrace of Thierry Eygonnet’s boulangerie, on rue des Archives, where three Japanese tourists ask me questions regarding the gourmet addresses of the capital. There’s hardly time to dip my lips into my hot chocolate and munch the golden palmier placed on my tray ...

  • Sunday

    Chill out at parc Montsouris. Close to me I see a big baguette from Ernest & Valentin: crusty, caramelized, aloud wrapped in a paper page with a big photo of the french actor Gérard Depardieu! Oh yeah it's the "baguette Depardieu". Everybody around me looks at it with joy until my buddy Aldo calls me offering me to accompany him to the Bal de l’Alimentation Générale that begins at 8 pm sharp. "A ball on Sunday night? That’s ridiculous, Aldo! We have work tomorrow! " And it is precisely because it’s so insane that I accept. To give myself a boost I rush to Bo boulangerie and seize the remains of the fennel-raisin bread. Crispy a shell that bread! The powerful taste of fennel gives me more energy than if I had drunk twenty cans of pure taurine. It ching to begin dancing to the beats of the samba tunes and electronic music,  I climb on the basket of a Vélib pedaled  by a beautiful young lady and tell her to take me to the "Sunday Ball" ...

    Bon week-end!

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Thank you very much to Maria for translation!!!

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